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About Yuri Doroshuk, Who is Yuri?



It was a personal transformation journey that led me to want to help busy parents lose fat, get lean and make fitness a part of their lifestyle. I wasn't always this lean.

In late 2018 I found myself in the worst shape of my life. I was weighing in at 225 Ibs., my clothes were tight and I was tired of constantly buying larger sizes. I had low energy, felt like a slob, lacked confidence, and hated taking off my shirt.

How does someone, who entered the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer in 2005 and possesses a high fitness IQ, gain so much weight? Well, life happened.

I got married, we had four beautiful children, and my resilient focus on grad school, and then my career, caused me to neglect my body. The challenge was to figure out how to maintain a strong marriage, be present as a dad, excel in my profession, regain my physical health, and attain the best body yet.

I created my 4A Formula™ which produced serious results. I lost over 65 lbs. Today I've helped hundreds of other busy, exhausted parents do the same!

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